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    Life cycle agreements

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    Vaisala offers fit-for-purpose service agreements which allow our customers to focus on their core business and carefree operations. Via service agreements, we aim to support our customers throughout the product or system lifecycle, ensuring performance at the optimal level while reducing the total cost of ownership.

    Service agreements are available for various Vaisala products and systems, and they provide holistic maintenance service coverage. The detailed service package can be discussed and jointly agreed with the customer based on practical needs.

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    Calibration care for instruments and loggers

    Life Cycle Agreements for Weather Applications

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    Maintenance services

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    Vaisala maintenance services ensure that your product performs on a top level and prevent unexpected downtime and costs. Vaisala has a variety of maintenance service options to help customers plan maintenance costs and schedules, release resources to the core business, and enhance system availability. By following the recommended scheduled maintenance procedures, you can ensure the highest reliability of the equipment.

    Our maintenance services include both field and service center services, depending on the type of product and customer needs. Vaisala maintenance services are always performed by qualified professionals. Check Maintenance service availability from your local contact person or review options from Vaisala online store.

    Modification services

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    The modification service allows you to change the features of your existing Vaisala products as in many cases the device configuration can be changed for new applications.

    The service includes:

    • All parts and labor
    • ISO 9001 or Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration of your choice (when applicable)
    • Functionality testing
    • Replace product labels according to new configuration
    • Service report
    • Calibration certificate

    The products will be modified in our service centers according to strict Vaisala quality requirements. Read more about modification services.

    Upgrades and modernization

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    In some cases, the most economical and ecological course of action is to upgrade your existing system during its lifetime compared to purchasing a new one. Vaisala offers upgrades and modernization services to its products, systems, and software in order to extend the product lifecycle and maximize the return on investment, such as adding new features, updating software and firmware, or replacing legacy parts with newer generation components. 

    We have capabilities for on-site upgrades and modernizations of different scales, professionally handled case-by-case with convenient turnkey project delivery. Available upgrades depend on the product line in question, and some of the upgrades are conducted at Vaisala Service Centers.  

    Instrument modernization service is also available for selected Vaisala products. Even the best measurement instruments may come to an end-of-life phase for example due to broken components or outdated features requiring new investment. Simply return the used instrument to Vaisala, receive a modern replacement unit, and enjoy accurate measurements, the latest features, and secured lifecycle support. Check instrument modernization availability in the Vaisala online store.

    Repair services

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    Repair services are for situations where your Vaisala products or systems need repair or component changes in order to return to the original optimal performance. From time to time even the most robust devices may need care during their lifetime. And in those cases, customers can rely on our experts for help. Our repair services help extend the lifecycle of your equipment and are conducted either on-site or at one of Vaisala’s Service Centers, depending on the case. Vaisala repair services are always performed by qualified professionals.

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