Paul Daniel

juill. 13, 2021
Once you learn about the process requirements in modern manufacturing, whether it is pharmaceutical or technological or normal industry, it can be quite amazing to learn where Vaisala measurements are being used. We are quite proud of our ability to assist in the fight against COVID-19, whether in manufacturing or distribution. The thermal shipper solution has been around for a long time - I was qualifying them over 20 years ago. What makes Pfizer's thermal shipper so unusual is that they have achieved ultra-low temperatures by using dry ice cold packs and vacuum panel insulation. Credit also goes out to SoftBox and CSafe for supplying these boxes to meet the need, as Pfizer didn't do this without the assistance of these packaging experts. Vaisala data loggers and viewLinc (or vLog) software are a great solution for qualifying thermal shippers. However, I honestly don't know if Vaisala data loggers were used in the qualification of the shippers for Pfizer.