Senja Leivo

déc. 5, 2018
Thank you for your question on Vaisala Blog.

Of course, not all NDIR technologies are the same. We can only speak for the Vaisala’s technologies. In the IR measurement technology of the OPT100 DGA monitor, we use only solid components, meaning there are no moving elements in its optical measurement module. All sensor components are manufactured by Vaisala, in own cleanroom, using MEMS technology. In sensors we can tune the IR band pass filters for preferred wave lengths. Also the light source is MEMS based, no filament used there. The sensor components have been extensively tested for life time expectancy significantly over 10 years.

The sensing technology itself includes various automatic proprietary procedures to detect and compensate off ageing of any components like light intensity decrease over years. However, the gas absorption wavelengths do not change as its just fundamental physical phenomenon. By keeping the IR filter properties stable and other components constantly compensated, it is possible to achieve measurements that do not need any factory nor user made site calibration during the years of operation.

What comes to the technology used in oil and gas handling in the OPT100, the only moving parts are magnetic valves and a magnetic gear pump. The specification, capacity and load used in those elements give estimated life time clearly over 10 years as well. Also those components have been heavily tested in conditions and load much over their specification and the actual use in OPT. We have not find any failures in those tests either.

All piping is stainless steel and machined parts high quality aluminum. The pipe fittings used are also the highest grade available on the market, commonly used in extreme-pressure pure gas applications.

All in all, the OPT100 is designed and its components chosen so that we can achieve maintenance free device. Which we truly believe in.

Senja Leivo
Senior Industry Expert