Juhani Lehto

abril 11, 2023
Dear Ashok Pujari,
To find out the dew point in a certain temperature, pressure, and humidity can be solved relatively easy by using e.g. the Vaisala Humidity Calculator: https://www.vaisala.com/en/measurement/humidity-dew-point-and-moisture. With this free tool we can calculate how much the dew point maximum and minimum are. The maximum dew point happens under higher pressure, higher relative humidity and higher temperature. If we put 7 bar, 80 % RH, and 50 degrees Celsius to the Humidity calculator, we can see the calculated dew point temperature is about 45 degrees C. So, if the gas is cooled down to 45 degrees C, the condensation happens. On the other hand, if our conditions are 6 bar pressure, 60 % RH and 25 degrees C, the dew point temperature would be then about 17 degrees C. Based on this information, the dew point temperature is between 17… 45 degrees Celsius depending on the conditions.