RoadDSS Road Weather Manager

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RoadDSS Road Weather Manager

Managing road maintenance operation for any size region is a challenging responsibility especially when dealing with weather.  Decisions need to be made quickly and accurately to ensure safe travel and that traffic continues to flow.  Vaisala RoadDSS Manager is the highest level of the Vaisala RoadDSS Software Suite and focuses on assisting with the managing of road maintenance.  

Whether it is the grouping of critical information needed to make a decision, providing automatic treatment guidance, or as your communication and reporting tool, RoadDSS Manager provides management guidance so you can make decisions quickly and effectively.

Key Benefits

Provides proposals for treatment or maintenance strategies
Proposals are not meant to replace an actual human decision maker, but give guidance as to what they could be doing based on best practices and approved policies. This is a perfect tool for inexperienced supervisors, or agencies wanting to deliver efficiency and consistency in decision making.
Communicates information out to the stakeholders in a efficient and uniform manner
Manager is a source that brings all of the information together and enables easy on-going communication from one location.
Gives a total view of the data throughout time
Historical data is easily accessible and the user can see the displays exactly how they would have appeared during an event. Historical data provides a learning tool for analysis of past performance with a real understanding of the outcome.