Vaisala Helideck Monitoring System

Safeguard your personnel - your most valuable asset – and avoid costly and frustrating flight interruptions by offering your helicopter service provider accurate weather and motion data from Vaisala – the weather provider that the aviation community relies on, worldwide.


Key Benefits

Avoid costly and frustrating flight interruptions
The advanced operator's software includes a real-time data display, reporting tools, and critical alarms to enable the operator to make better informed decisions during critical weather situations.
Optional sensors available
Optional sensors include helideck motion sensor, wave height sensor and lightning detection.
Easy to use and easy to install
The web interface allows the data to be viewed on any PC in the network. The weather station electronics are available rack-mounted or as an outdoor marine hardened version for installations with limited equipment space and less field cabling. As an optional feature, automatic audible weather reports are available for helicopter pilots through a VHF radio transceiver.



Vaisala Helideck Monitoring System for Outdoor Installations
Optional Sensors: Helideck motion
For floating and mobile installations Vaisala offers high-quality and accurate helideck motion sensors in all sea conditions.
Optional Sensor: Wave height
Radac Wave Guide is a compact and maintenance free wave measurement system. Optionally it measures wave direction
Optional Sensor: Lightning detection
Vaisala's Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 is the only lightning detection network capable of delivering high-quality data anywhere in the world both offshore and onshore. Depending on location
and needs, Vaisala also provides local lightning sensors for on-site lightning detection enabling early warnings and tracking of thunderstorm movement.


Vaisala Ceilometer CL31

Ceilometer CL31

for cloud height detection
Vaisala Ceilometer CL31 measures cloud base height and vertical visibility in all weather - good or bad. Backscatter...

Oceanographic Measurements

​Oceanographic sensors from the carefully selected partners.
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Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager

Thunderstorm Manager

Monitor and warn on approaching severe weather and lightning discharges
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Vaisala PTB330 Digital Barometer

Digital Barometer PTB330

for Professional Meteorology, Aviation, and Industrial Users
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