Helideck Monitoring Software

CAP 437- compliant helideck monitoring software for secure and effective helideck operations.

Built for demanding offshore environments, Vaisala’s Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) delivers the most accurate and reliable weather data, helideck motion, and vessel position in real time for safe, efficient helicopter takeoffs and landings. Vaisala HMS includes CAA (UK Civil Aviation Authority) certified and CAP437 compliant helideck monitoring software including separate pre-approach and on-deck displays, Motion Severity Index, Wind Severity Index and Relative Wind Direction parameters. The software can also incorporate helideck motion status repeater light signals and software can be configured for compliance with international aviation regulations (Normam-27, BSL D 5-1 and NORSOK).

The new user-friendly interface includes a real-time data display, reporting tools for displaying meteorological and environmental data, and critical alarms that empower decision-makers to quickly check data and helideck status from anywhere via a PC, tablet, or mobile device and securely share information with other offshore stakeholders during critical weather situations.

Comprehensive support, upgrading and troubleshooting tools help keep your operations running.

Helideck Monitoring System

Keep crew members safe and maritime operations running smooth at all times with reliable marine weather observations. The unique Vaisala Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) provides all key weather and environmental parameters so you can maintain safe, efficient helideck operations no matter what the weather brings.

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