A better flight plan

Learn how to improve safety and get a better flight plan for pilots and helideck operators.

From wind farm construction to oceanographic research, offshore industry is booming. Helicopters are key to their success by transporting crew members, assisting in moving equipment and inspections, and much more. 

At the helideck, weather conditions can change suddenly and catch pilots off guard — risking personnel safety and causing expensive delays. Helideck operators, pilots and others need to know what’s happening on deck so they can make accurate, timely decisions to support safety and efficiency. 

Download this eBook to find out why a helideck monitoring system is essential for providing critical weather and environmental data, when you need it most.






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Offshore helicopter and crew

Interested in this topic? Learn more in our webinar.

Join this engaging, informative webinar to learn about the Vaisala Helideck Monitoring System — among the first to achieve CAP 437 certification as set by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for offshore helicopter landing areas.