Weather Radar Systems

Vaisala single and dual polarization weather radars are designed to produce superior data quality and availability, meeting even the most demanding requirements. With industry-leading data processing and hardware design, they are perfect for a wide variety of applications.

Weather Radar System Diagram


Vaisala dual polarization weather radars are the standard for modern radar systems, producing clear, clutter-free, high-resolution measurements of rainfall events. They provide precise quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) to help meteorologists gather rainfall accumulation measurements. They also include HydroClass, the world’s first automatic hydrometeor classification software for dual polarization radars. This helps to clearly distinguish between different types of precipitation and improve data quality by eliminating moving, non-meteorological targets.

Unrivalled Data Processing Performance

Vaisala weather radars are flexible and easy to use, with the most comprehensive and robust software in the industry – perfect for fast processing and sophisticated clutter filtering. 

Optimized Antenna Performance

The radar antenna plays a vital role in the quality of the data gathered. The dish shape, structure, and size optimize dual-polarization performance and provide excellent side-lobe reduction.

Simplified Maintenance and Operation

Vaisala systems can be accessed from anywhere via a secure network link, minimizing the number of site visits, while the integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensures continuous operation during temporary power outages.

Optional Functionalities

  • Weather radar networking
  • Vaisala Rain Gauge Network
  • Vaisala Lightning Detection Network
  • Weather satellite image composites
  • Vaisala automatic weather stations
  • Low Level Wind Shear Alert System Integration (LLWAS)


Weather surveillance
Severe weather monitoring
Hurricane, typhoon, and cyclone tracking
Hail detection
Hydrometeorological applications, such as flood forecasting
Airport wind-shear detection
Meteorological research
Weather modification
Launch support systems
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Key Benefits

Unrivalled data quality and availability
Including quantitative precipitation estimation and hydrometeor classification, as well as the elimination of non-meteorological targets.
Outstanding remote calibration capabilities
All calibration work, and most other regular maintenance tasks, can be performed remotely so there is no need for site visits.
Flexible and easy to use
With intuitive graphical displays and the most comprehensive, robust software in the industry, Vaisala radars are perfect for fast processing and sophisticated clutter filtering.
Simplified maintenance
Intelligent mechanical design means all parts can be accessed without the need to dismount the antenna or pedestal, making routine maintenance easier and faster.


Vaisala Weather Radar WRM200

Weather Radar WRM200

Dual polarization Doppler weather radar
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Vaisala Weather Radar WRM100

C-band Weather Radar WRM100

Single polarization Doppler weather radar with an upgrade possibility to dual polarization
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Vaisala Weather Radar WRK100

Weather Radar WRK100

Single polarization Doppler weather radar equipped with klystron transmitter
WRK100 offers exceptional spectral purity and phase noise...
Vaisala Weather Radar WRK200

Weather Radar WRK200

Dual Polarization Doppler Weather Radar equipped with klystron transmitter technology
WRK200 is equipped with klystron transmitter technology. WRK200...

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