Hydropower Optimization

Hydropower is an indigenously available, clean and renewable source of energy. Many governments are keen to use this largely untapped potential in their countries to provide the energy capacity they need. Hydropower production optimization, reservoir management and flood control are the key items for the efficient operation of hydropower plants. All these issues require accurate and reliable precipitation, water level and inflow monitoring and forecasting. 

Real-time observations are crucial to ensure well-organized and safe operation of hydropower plants. Additionally, high-quality hydrological records are needed when planning and rehabilitating infrastructure for hydropower generation. 

Vaisala hydrometeorological stations provide real-time precipitation and water level data with centralized data collection even from the most remote locations in the areas where hydropower energy can be utilized. When combining this information with the weather radar data, it is possible to generate short-term forecasts to optimize and control hydropower yield.

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