Vaisala single and dual polarization weather radars are designed to produce superior data quality and availability, meeting even the most demanding requirements. With industry-leading data processing and hardware design, they are perfect for a wide variety of applications.


Unrivalled data quality and availability
Including quantitative precipitation estimation and hydrometeor classification, as well as the elimination of non-meteorological targets.
Outstanding remote calibration capabilities
All calibration work, and most other regular maintenance tasks, can be performed remotely so there is no need for site visits.
Flexible and easy to use
With intuitive graphical displays and the most comprehensive, robust software in the industry, Vaisala radars are perfect for fast processing and sophisticated clutter filtering.
Simplified maintenance
Intelligent mechanical design means all parts can be accessed without the need to dismount the antenna or pedestal, making routine maintenance easier and faster.




Vaisala Weather Radar WRM200

Wetterradar WRM200

Doppler-Wetterradar mit Doppelpolarisation
Das WRM200 ist ein Doppler-Wetterradar mit Doppelpolarisation mit Klassifikationssoftware für Hydrometeore...
Vaisala Weather Radar WRM100

C-Band-Wetterradar WRM100

Doppler-Wetterradar mit Einzelpolarisation, einschließlich optionaler Aufrüstung auf Doppelpolarisation
C-Band Doppler-Wetterradar mit...
Vaisala Weather Radar WRK100

Wetterradar WRK100

Doppler-Wetterradar mit Einzelpolarisation, mit Klystron-Sender ausgestattet
Das WRK100 zeichnet sich durch außergewöhnliche spektrale Reinheit und...
Vaisala Weather Radar WRK200

Wetterradar WRK200

Doppler-Wetterradar mit Doppelpolarisation, ausgestattet mit Klystron-Sendetechnologie
Das WRK200 ist mit Klystron-Sendetechnologie ausgestattet. Das...