out. 13, 2023
Dear Paul,
I apologize for the late reply, there have been a few comments gone in our Comments, and come up now. 😯

Compressed air should be dried at all times to e.g. prevent corrosion and bacterial growth in the compressed air system, and to cancel free water in the air itself (any water spray or droplets are a sign of bad quality compressed air). There are different drying methods.

The most common (low-cost) drying method is a refrigerant dryer that cools the air close to the freezing point. The cool air dew point then directly equals the air temperature because the cold air cannot hold water anymore and all excess water can be removed by draining it out of the system.

The cool air is saturated by water meaning the RH is 100 %. After the drying, the air is warmed again, when the relative humidity decreases (hot air can hold more water again). The Vaisala DMT132 is a suitable product for refrigerant driers. With a desiccant drier, it is possible to achieve drier compressed air.