Lidar Ceilometer CL61

More than just a ceilometer, the Vaisala CL61 uses first-of-its-kind technology to provide refined profiling data and detect liquid/frozen depolarization, dust, and volcanic ash — in any weather, 24/7


    Redefining cloud measurement with the most comprehensive insights in the industry. CL61 is a high-performance light detection and ranging (LiDAR) instrument with depolarization measurement capable of unattended operation in all conditions. In addition to basic ceilometer reporting, the CL61 offers depolarization measurement that enables differentiation between solid, liquid, or mixed-phase clouds and precipitation, providing ready-to-use information for atmospheric characterization.

    Data-rich vertical profiles

    See more than ever before — when it matters most. CL61 uses attenuated backscatter profiles measured in 2 polarization directions to calculate the depolarization ratio. The depolarization measurement not only enables the liquid/solid differentiation, but also makes it possible to detect dust, sand and volcanic ash. Improved optical system allows high signal to noise ratio and enables reporting of detailed vertical profiles for the full range, up to 15.4 km (9.6 mi).

    Trusted technology

    With Vaisala, our technology is proven and backed by decades of experience in ceilometer development. With the CL61 single-lens technology, traceable calibration, depolarization, and ultrapure profiles, you receive accurate, research-grade data and professional support to improve your forecasting.


    Even with its new depolarization measurement, the CL61 lidar ceilometer comes in at a fraction of a cost compared to other research lidars. Its low price point allows for the option to deploy multiple instruments in order to improve measurement coverage.


    No need to replace your current instruments. The CL61 complements already-existing research lidars and can be added on to build hybrid ceilometer networks for more accurate weather modeling and situational awareness.

    Low maintenance

    The CL61 sensor is simple to set up, and operates autonomously any time, without the need for calibration. Rely on uninterrupted depolarization profiling and data around the clock, and in all weather conditions.

    Vaisala Ceilometer CL61

    Optimize your network and forecasts with refined profiling data

    The need for meteorological networks to provide high-quality profiling data is on the rise to improve today’s numerical weather prediction models. Get in touch to learn more about how the CL61 ceilometer can benefit your network and data reporting capabilities. 

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