Vaisala Environmental Monitoring System

Complete awareness of the working environment is the first step to ensure the safety of all offshore operations.

Key Benefits

One stop shop project house
Vaisala Environmental Monitoring System combines meteorological & oceanographic measurements into a single package meaning global service and no need for several hardware or software to maintain.
Vaisala Environmental Monitoring Software provides adaptable data collection, communication and storage allowing more thorough examination of historical trends or certain events in the past.
Easy to use
Configurable displays based on user needs makes Vaisala Environmental Monitoring System user-friendly.




Vaisala Ceilometer CL31

Ceilometer CL31

for cloud height detection
Vaisala Ceilometer CL31 measures cloud base height and vertical visibility in all weather - good or bad. Backscatter...

Oceanographic Measurements

​Oceanographic sensors from the carefully selected partners.
 Vaisala´s carefully selected partners meet the same high quality requirements as...
Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager

Thunderstorm Manager

Monitor and warn on approaching severe weather and lightning discharges
When it is your job to keep operations running efficiently, protect assets, or...
Vaisala Visibility Sensor PWD50

Visibility Sensor PWD50

Accurate and traceable measurement of prevailing visibility
PWD50 offers perfect solutions for a variety of visibility measurement applications e.g...
Vaisala PTB330 Digital Barometer

Digital Barometer PTB330

for Professional Meteorology, Aviation, and Industrial Users
This PTB330 barometer - designed for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure...