Maritime Observation System AWS430

Vaisala Maritime Observation System AWS430
Vaisala AWS430 Rack
Specially designed for ships and offshore platforms

Maritime Observation System AWS430

An automatic weather station designed for maritime environments such as ports, ships, and offshore platforms. The system is designed to withstand the salty and wet conditions that prevail aboard ships and platforms as well as the freeze/thaw conditions experienced in extreme-weather environments. It is also able to endure vibration and shock.

Key Benefits

​Designed specially for critical maritime weather applications
The AWS430 has successfully passed a wide variety, of environmental, electrical, vibration and shock tests. All test specifications comply with both the Lloyds' Register approval system and the IEC 60945 international maritime standard.
Flexible integration
The vessel’s own gyrocompass and navigation system can be used to provide the required heading and ship speed, direction, and location information. However, an optional GPS compass can also be integrated into the system.
Self diagnostics and constant data availability
Built-in algorithms test each measurement to ensure data quality.