Annual Report Stories 2017

Upgrade to RWS200

Measuring Weather at the Highest Airport in the World

Located well over 4 km above sea level, Daocheng Yading Airport in China constitutes the highest civil airport in the world. With Vaisala’s high-quality equipment, Daocheng Yading manages to measure the weather conditions despite the challenges posed by...

Extremely detailed and realistic high resolution 3D illustration of a hurricane approaching the eastern Carribbean islands. Shot from space. Elements of this image are furnished by Nasa.

Hurricane impact mitigation requires accurate data

The Atlantic hurricane season of 2017 was very active, including a high number of major storms. The better hurricanes can be forecast, the easier it is to mitigate their impact. Vaisala’s Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 may provide an effective tool for...

Foreman in front of containers

Keeping Pathogens at Bay

Global mobility for people means mobility for pathogens, too. Vaisala provides a solution to ensuring vaporized hydrogen peroxide concentration is high enough in bio-decontamination processes.

Surgery in a hospital

Safeguarding Donated Tissues and Organs

In 2017, 119,053 people in the United States were awaiting organ donation. Each donated organ can change someone’s life, but it is running the risk of becoming ruined, if a simple freezer fails. Reliable temperature monitoring and alarms can save thousands...

A man wearing a mask due to the smog in a city

Studying Air Quality in Nanjing

The lethal problem of poor air quality needs to be addressed, but solutions to the problem are impossible to develop without comprehensive and accurate data. Vaisala and its partners are building a new network in Nanjing, aiming for a completely new...

Sourcing Academy – Building Competencies For Tomorrow

Sourcing Academy is a training program for Sourcing employees, aimed to provide them with opportunities for development and create versatile competencies to help the team reach its strategic targets. The focus is on long-term development and to step-up the...

Blue Vespa

Academy VESPA paves the way for future success

Following the organizational realignment to regions and a sharper focus on development in the Weather and Environment business area, we started VESPA, the Vaisala Environmental Sales Professionals Academy or sales competence development program, in the...

Post-it notes on a window

Gamification as a Cultural Change Agent

In 2017, the Operations unit undertook a major effort to promote the importance of standard ways of working and culture of continuous improvement. These themes are based on Lean leadership and are a part of Operations strategy.

scientist, clean room, incubator, glove box

Getting ready to fight climate change with MIREGAS

Vaisala, together with Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT Ltd and their European partners, is developing revolutionary LED-based technology for gas sensing, MIREGAS – Mid-IR Source for Gas Sensing.

Diverse kindergarten students learning energy producer from solar windmill in science class

Vaisala and Science Center Raise Atmospheric Awareness

Vaisala partners with Heureka Science Centre  in Finland to increase awareness of atmospheric sciences and their importance among the Centre’s visitors. This is one way for Vaisala to promote innovation and encourage the young and old alike to take an...

Child at a hospital

Vaisala Equips the New Children´s Hospital in Helsinki

Vaisala is the honorary in-kind donator for the New Children’s Hospital being built in Helsinki. The construction commenced already in 2014, and the opening of the hospital will take place in 2018. Vaisala is contributing humidity, temperature, and carbon...