Value for Customers


Vaisala’s technology and solutions help safeguard life and property, while enabling critical decision-making that facilitates efficient and high-quality operations. The common denominator is that by measuring the environment or a process accurately, our customers can make more reliable decisions and ensure more efficient, safer, and more sustainable operations in any application area.

Reliable Decisions

We enable our customers to make reliable decisions based on accurate environmental observations. Whether in transportation, the energy sector, or industrial applications, the information produced with our technologies helps our customers make superior choices for the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of their operations.

For example, investments in wind energy production are based on reliable data on wind field behavior. Our remote wind sensing solutions help customers make profitable investments, because with our solutions they are able to select the best possible location for efficient wind energy production.


Vaisala’s solutions improve the cost efficiency of our customers’ operations as well as increase productivity. The high quality and long life-cycles of our products offer superior total cost of ownership. Our solutions make maintenance and monitoring of crucial systems, such as high voltage power transformers, efficient and cost-effective.

Continuous, automated monitoring of conditions makes operations more efficient, for example in warehouses, manufacturing processes, or in support operations, such as measuring insulation gas or oil.

Online monitoring frees maintenance crews of the need to visit facilities for on-site testing and reduces errors related to sampling and spot-checking. Reliable online monitoring enables a transition from reactive to preventive maintenance, with substantial savings and profitability in many industries.

We also help road authorities to improve their operational efficiency. The data generated by Vaisala’s road weather stations, thermal mapping, and decision support systems help our customers optimize anti-icing, de-icing, and snowploughing, ensuring safety in the most environmental way possible. Analyzing the road network with computer vision, on the other hand, helps to detect surface damage and prioritize repair work.


Our customers appreciate quality. High-quality products and services have always been at the core of Vaisala, but it is equally important to us that our customers can ensure the quality of their own end-products and operations with the help of our technologies and expertise. In many industries, such as food and electronics, strictly monitored process and test conditions are key for producing quality end-products. Our measurement instruments and continuous monitoring systems ensure high quality and regulatory compliance of operations also in very demanding conditions, such as life science cleanrooms.