Value for customers

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Vaisala’s technologies and solutions help safeguard life and property, while enabling critical decision-making that facilitates productive, efficient, and high-quality operations. The common denominator is that by measuring the environment or a process accurately, our customers can make more reliable decisions and ensure more efficient, safer, and more sustainable operations in any application area.

In 2019, we invested especially in the cyber security of our products to guarantee that our customers can trust the operation of our solutions also in the future. Likewise, we continue developing Vaisala’s internal and external Information Security Management System going forward.

Reliable decisions

We enable our customers to make reliable decisions based on accurate environmental observations. For example, investments in wind energy production are based on reliable data on wind conditions and wind field behavior. Our remote wind sensing solutions as well as our data and expert services help customers to make profitable investments and decisions. With our solutions, they are able to select the best possible location for efficient wind energy production as well as measure and plan the operation and profitability of their wind park.

With Vaisala’s measurement instruments, industrial customers gain better visibility into their processes. For example in many industrial drying applications, reliable humidity measurement data helps to adjust the drying conditions to be as energy efficient as possible and thus ensure end-product quality. With carbon dioxide measurements, the carbon dioxide levels of different applications – such as greenhouses, incubators, and indoor air – can be optimized as needed. For example, the combined effect of humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide is a vital factor in the cell cultures in incubators.


The high quality and long life cycles of our products enable superior total cost of ownership. Vaisala’s solutions improve the cost efficiency of our customers’ operations as well as increase productivity. For instance, Vaisala’s innovative instrument for the optimization of biogas process enables biogas plants to generate more value out of waste by measuring humidity, methane, and carbon dioxide directly from the production process. With the measurement data, customers can improve biogas quality as well as protect the CHP engine and the active carbon filters. This decreases the total costs, making biogas production more profitable.

Vaisala’s new automatic sounding systems enable flexible remote soundings, reducing costs. The systems make it possible to carry out automatic soundings for one month at a time, relieving resources for critical weather forecasts. Thanks to these sounding systems, national weather services can extend the coverage of their upper-air networks to geographically remote and hard-to-reach locations and thus develop a more comprehensive synoptic upper-air program. Vaisala’s automatic sounding and other observational systems can be connected to Vaisala’s Observation Network Manager NM10 tool: its automatic data collection and device management enhance productivity further.


High-quality products and services have always been at the core of Vaisala, but it is equally important to us that our customers can ensure the quality of their own end-products and operations with the help of our technologies and expertise. For example, Vaisala’s state-ofthe- art weather observing systems provide reliable and comparable observations that likewise support reliable weather forecasts and climatology. Local air quality monitoring networks, on the other hand, help authorities to pinpoint and manage the problem areas, especially in cities, and make important decisions concerning air quality.

Accurate monitoring of industrial processes and test conditions helps to guarantee high-quality products. Since the expansion to the liquid measurement market, Vaisala has served industrial customers also in measuring liquid concentrations. For instance in food and beverage production as well as the pharmaceutical industry, concentrations need to be measured in every batch and in each factory to ensure even quality. The process refractometer, developed for industrial liquid measurements, provides our customers with accurate digital data on the liquid concentration and thus indicates end-product quality. Also the semiconductor industry uses Vaisala’s refractometers to monitor chemical concentrations in silicon wafer production.