Business areas and customers

As a global leader in industrial, weather and environmental measurements, we provide reliable, accurate and innovative products and solutions that enable better decision-making, increase productivity, and improve safety and quality. 

Customers all over the world and in a multitude of industries use our measurement solutions. Everywhere from forecasting weather and making sure it is safe for your flight to take off, to staying ahead of power outages or monitoring incubators for premature children in hospitals, you can find Vaisala’s premium measurement solutions in action. 

Vaisala’s business is divided into two business areas: Weather and Environment & Industrial Measurements​, supported by Operations, which sources, manufactures, services and ships all of Vaisala’s products.  

Industrial Measurements

In Industrial Measurements, we provide accurate and reliable measurement instruments and systems to optimize processes, improve efficiency and productivity, minimize energy consumption, and ensure product quality. ​ 


Weather and Environment

Weather and Environment serves selected environmental and weather-dependent markets where accurate, real-time, uninterrupted, and reliable information is essential to run efficient operations and make informed decisions. ​ 

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Our customer value is built on reliability, science-based technology leadership, industry expertise, engaged and talented employees, as well as strong partnerships.