WindCube Nacelle

A powerful feedforward turbine control integration for turbine manufacturers to adopt Lidar-Assisted Control at scale.

Wind Energy WindCube Nacelle Turbine Control

Rapidly Adopt and Market LAC

WindCube® Nacelle for feedforward turbine control enables turbine manufacturers and integrators to rapidly adopt and market Lidar-Assisted Control (LAC) — creating numerous benefits for themselves and their end users.

Customize existing wind turbines to further reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) or design larger wind turbines to increase Annual Energy Production, saving CAPEX by designing lighter wind turbines, and OPEX by increasing the lifetime of components and reducing O&M costs.

By fully characterizing the incoming wind field, the system enables proactive control optimizations for changing conditions. This can result in significantly extended wind turbine design limits, reduced loads, improved safety and resilience to extreme events, as well as increased energy capture.

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