Total Lightning Processor

Process multi-source lightning data in real time, improve location accuracy, and create better weather services and decision-making.


    Vaisala TLP processes the raw lightning data from various sensor types, producing lightning location solutions for greater than 90% of cloud-to-ground (CG) and 90% of cloud (IC) lightning flashes. The system provides enhanced lightning classification using multiple waveform parameters.

    Additionally, TLP lightning event data can be exported in real-time to various applications for display, storage, and analysis.


    The TLP system’s continuous monitoring is managed through a user-friendly, web-based system that provides optimal visibility across the entire sensor network. It is available on Linux for added flexibility and lower ownership costs.


    The TLP system allows for exceptional scaling and customization based on a user’s specific needs. Various features can be licensed as needed:

    • System and sensor performance monitoring
    • Network performance mapping
    • Dynamic detection efficiency (DE) and location accuracy (LA) projections
    • Advanced lightning type classification, “burst” processing, and waveform parameters
    Vaisala team collaborating in office

    Total, Integrated Lightning Awareness

    The TLP series is the modern solution for continuous, integrated thunderstorm sensor and lightning detection sensor networks. Learn more about how TLP is bringing better weather services and decision-making to agencies around the globe.