Air Quality Transmitter AQT530

for Urban & Industrial Systems

Empower stakeholders in urban communities around the world with accurate air quality insights on pollutant gases and particulate matter.

    Connect to the environment



    With the right access to the right information, people gain a deeper connection to their environment and new ways of thinking about community. A real-time, 360-degree view of air quality helps communities take action to protect public health, avoid pollution hot spots, optimize infrastructures, and plan more confidently and strategically.

    Vaisala Air Quality Transmitter AQT530 is the ideal monitoring and measurement sensor for these and other purposes — providing best-in-class accuracy, simple deployment, easy integrations, and reliability over a long service life.


    Top-priority pollutants



    Measure the most critical pollutants in urban environments — all in real-time — so that you can actively inform citizens, increase awareness, and decrease the effects of pollution. Other key features of AQT530 include:

    • Laser particulate counter designed by Vaisala allows for counting and categorizing of particulate matter instead of estimation.
    • Intelligent humidity management to improve the lifetime of gas sensing elements in high humidity conditions.
    • Robust temperature and humidity sensor using Vaisala HUMICAPTM technology.
    • Air quality monitoring is offered as an air quality sensor to be used in existing networks, or a network can be easily created by pairing the sensor with Vaisala Beacon Station.
    • Extensive global R&D field tests and factory calibration ensure verified performance results in various environmental conditions.

    More sustainable communities



    A real-time, 360-degree view of air quality helps communities take action to protect public health, avoid pollution hot spots, and optimize infrastructures.

    Create shared investment in community health by giving governments, businesses, and citizens enhanced situational awareness and visibility into environmental risks. Allow stakeholders to make air quality decisions more proactively, confidently, and transparently.


    Critical insight every day



    This cost-effective, professional-grade sensor continually provides powerful, real-time insights into the sources and fluctuations of pollution and particulates. Dive deeper by creating a custom network of AQT530 sensors to further improve forecasting abilities.

    Pairing AQT530 with Vaisala Beacon Station (optional) adds valuable weather intelligence, as well as connectivity and data management through an API. The Wx Beacon UI can also provide a helpful user interface and visualizations for an even more complete solution.


    The Finnish Way

    AQT530 The Finnish Way


    Vaisala's home country has boldly demonstrated that a culture of resilience and a connection to nature can create new ways of smarter, sustainable living.

    AQT530's world-class air quality monitoring capabilities honor this tradition and demonstrate Vaisala's commitment to providing trusted, unsurpassed weather and environmental solutions.

    Vaisala AQT530 product shot

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