Lightning Detection Networks

A lightning detection network is more than just putting together a few sensors. Vaisala experts will help you through the decision process, making sure you receive the right network at the right price. In fact, our lightning networks provide significantly greater accuracy with 70% fewer sensors than any alternative, which means your investment will provide long-term cost savings with superior performance.

Lightning Detection Network Components


A lightning detection network is a system of ground-based sensors, strategically placed to detect electro-magnetic pulses emitted by lightning. The sensors detect the electro-magnetic pulses, and a central processor combines the information from many sensors to characterize and pinpoint the lightning.

Cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection
Quality, reliability and accuracy
Use fewer sensors for cost savings and without compromising accuracy
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Lightning Sensors
Vaisala LS7002 lightning network sensors detect both cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning to provide you with comprehensive data for making decisions. A standard lightning detection network will consist of four to five LS7002 sensors, and more can be added to cover larger areas. Vaisala sensors use a combination of magnetic direction finding and time-of-arrival techniques to deliver superior detection efficiency, optimal location accuracy, and system redundancy, all with fewer sensors that any other method for detecting cloud lightning pulses and cloud-to-ground lightning strokes.
Central Processor
The Vaisala Total Lightning Processor, TLP100/200, is the intellect of the lightning detection network. The TLP processes data from the LS7002 network sensors in real-time. Algorithms within the TLP determine the optimal location of the lightning, properly classifies whether it was cloud or cloud-to-ground, provides polarity and amplitude information, and can monitor remote sensor performance and communication status.
Display Software
With all of the lightning details that are collected by the network, the display software is one of the most important pieces because it is where users spend most of their time. The software allows you to monitor storms in real-time, use the system to assist your decision-making, and provide the best possible forecasts and warnings to your citizens. Vaisala can supply lightning data through our Thunderstorm Manager application or IRIS Focus weather radar software, or as a data feed so that you can incorporate it into your own programs.

Key Benefits

Better Forecasts
Lightning data are used in weather models, which have a huge impact on daily forecasts. Having accurate data in those models equates to better forecasts, advanced warnings and safer communities.
Improved Weather Services
Providing lightning data and warnings to your aviation authority, electrical services provider, national security, or other in-country agencies allows them to better serve citizens and support economic development.
Trusted Decisions
Having accurate lightning data allows you to make confident decisions to protect life and property. Keeping citizens and visitors safe, especially during high-profile events, such as during outdoor concerts or athletic functions, builds trust in forecasts and warnings, which results in lives saved.


Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager - 7-day loop capability

Thunderstorm Manager

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