In-line Brix concentration measurement in tomato paste evaporation process

Tomato concentrate, paste or puree are products produced by evaporating tomato juice. For this production, it is extremely important to keep the processing lines work without expensive shutdowns, process the tomatoes without delay to preserve their taste and quality properties, and comply with stringent sanitary and hygiene standards.  

Tomato paste standardization and evaporation control  

Tomato concentrate is produced by removing water content with the help of single or multiple-stage evaporation. The juice is moving inside the evaporator through different stages until the required concentration level is achieved. Here, the tomato paste is automatically extracted via a pump controlled by the process refractometer. 

Download the application note to learn about the details on how the measurement by Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer provides continuous concentration information to:   

  • optimize the evaporators performance while reducing energy consumption
  • control tomato paste standardization with typical target concentration 
  • eliminate equipment fouling and product quality deviations 

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