Taming the wind: Improve maritime operations with remote wind monitoring

Vaisala WindCube Scan for Maritime
Weather & Environment

What’s your greatest wind challenge?

Smooth operations: Seaports are often hit hardest by severe weather, and wind is the most dangerous climate factor in port operations. Strong winds are a boon for offshore wind farms but pose major safety and efficiency challenges during construction and maintenance.

Powerful sailing: Wind-assisted ship propulsion is one the key technologies in decarbonizing the future of maritime shipping. Knowledge of optimal wind conditions is vital for system development, effectiveness, and design optimization.

Join us in this engaging webinar to learn how Vaisala’s future-proof lidar technologies for remote wind monitoring can help diverse stakeholders in maritime to:


  • Improve situational awareness, safety and operational continuity for ports and terminal operators by reducing wind-related risks
  • Optimizing ship design by analyzing wind behavior on vessels
  • Reduce the total cost of offshore wind parks and increase crew safety by better optimization of wind farm build-up times, accessibility and maintenance — especially for wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs)
  • Optimize, research, evaluate and develop more effective wind-assisted ship propulsion by understanding the real wind conditions surrounding the vessel and even utilizing that data for building up digital twins

Learn more about the groundbreaking Vaisala WindCube Scan Explore Edition.


Who should attend:

  • Port, harbor and terminal authorities and operators, port weather system integrators and other port efficiency decision-makers, Health & Safety officers in ports
  • Offshore wind farm owners, developers, contractors and operators, wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV) operators and offshore system integrators
  • Wind-assisted ship propulsion technology developers, ship designers and shipyards



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Presented by:

Benjamin Coulmier

Benjamin Coulmier

Solution Manager, Vaisala Renewable Energy

Benjamin Coulmier works as a Solution Manager in Vaisala’s Renewable Energy Market & Offering team. Benjamin has extensive experience on working with the Vaisala wind Lidar technologies, from manufacturing to implementation, end-user trainings, configurations to tests and validation. He also has a special focus on the renewable energy and maritime industries.


Darshan Sathiyanarayanan

Darshan Sathiyanarayanan

Application Manager, Vaisala Renewable Energy

Darshan Sathiyanarayanan works as an Application Manager in Vaisala’s wind Lidar data processing team. Darshan’s main focus is to value the high potential of the powerful Doppler wind Lidar technology to harness new business possibilities. He holds an M.Sc. in Fluid Dynamics and is actively exploring the challenges he can tackle with the usage of Vaisala’s industry leading Lidar technology.


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Climate change and air quality are driving the shipping industry to use less fossil fuel. Inexpensive, carbon-free energy sources are hard to find and take time to build, however, except for the one that has always existed: wind.