World ATM Congress 2020

Madrid, Spain
Aviation and Road Solutions

World ATM Congress provides an international platform for the global commercial and defense Air Traffic Management industry to see, learn, and connect with the world’s leaders in the field. Vaisala is pleased to invite you to our stand 572, to meet with our Aviation Weather Experts! 

Come and learn more about how you can ensure the safest and most efficient take-offs and landings with the latest Vaisala innovations in:  

  • Windshear and adverse weather detection 
  • Characterization of wake vortices to increase airport capacity 
  • Runway condition assessment and reporting compliance to ICAO’s new Global Reporting Format requirements 
  • Mastering the runway visual range 

For more information about the World ATM Congress 2020, visit the official website.

Tuesday March 10, Aireon Spotlight Stage

AviMet Windshear Alert System

Windshear is a persistent risk because it takes place at a height, and under flying conditions when aircraft are most vulnerable. In landing or takeoff configurations, these aircraft - especially large commercial airliners - might be unable to recover from...

Windcube lens reflection

Leosphere WindCube lidars for aviation safety

Accurate, timely windshear detection and wind awareness are crucial for maintaining safety at an airport and its surroundings. Leosphere WindCube® lidars give air traffic controllers, pilots, meteorological observers, and forecasters real-time data to...

X-band Weather Radar

Vaisala X-band Weather Radar for Aviation

The new X-band Weather Radar provides highly accurate measurements for a limited area, filling in a gap in a national radar network or delivering precise information for an airport. Severe weather in mountainous areas and gaps under sparse weather radar...

Vaisala Low Level Windshear Alert System

Vaisala Low Level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS) is the most widely used solution for airports known to experience low-level horizontal windshear. It uses the latest windshear algorithms developed for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and...

Come and discuss with us about the new FD70 Series

FD70 Series is the seventh generation of Vaisala visibility and present weather sensors.

Watch the video

Vaisala Forward Scatter FD70 Series

Watch the video

Vaisala AviMet® - Complete Aviation Weather Management

Vaisala AviMet® - Complete Aviation Weather Management

Vaisala’s aviation weather solutions support effective operational decision-making to improve safety and efficiency, and to reduce the environmental impact of airport operations. With Vaisala AviMet® you can fulfill all your aviation weather requirements with a single system – from basic automated weather observation to comprehensive monitoring in the area surrounding your airport.

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