Vaisala Shipboard Wind and Weather Display System

Wind and Weather Measuring Solutions for Marine Applications


Bright, compact displays capable of calculating true wind
TFT Graphical 5''or 7'' Display
144 and 192 DIN cutouts for panel installation
Day/Night display color schemes
IEC 60945:2002 compliant
Type approval certificates from major classification societies
Three NMEA compatible inputs and one NMEA output. Optionally up to six NMEA inputs and up to four NMEA outputs according to IEC 61162-1.
Dimmer controllable using front buttons/external push buttons/NMEA or CAN/XDi-net
Optional wind warning and alarms/relay output
Ultrasonic wind sensors with no moving parts for maintenance free operation
Powerful built-in wind sensor heating available for freezing conditions
Multi-Parameter sensor with wind speed and direction, pressure, temperature and relative humidity
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Key Benefits

The Vaisala Shipboard Weather System provides accurate and timely weather information to support your decision-making
When you choose Vaisala, you can be confident that you have a reliable, flexible, and proven solution that you can trust to provide accurate and continuous data in all weather conditions.
The Shipboard Wind and Weather Display System is designed to aid navigation and support the dynamic positioning system on the bridge
To operate a vessel safely, the crew needs information about wind, air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Changing air pressure indicates impending weather changes, while high relative humidity forewarns of low visibility.
With Vaisala WMT700 Ultrasonic Wind Sensors and WXT530 series Weather Transmitters, giving you the possibility to create wind and weather measuring system that meets your needs precisely
The displays come pre-installed with a standard wind or weather indicator library that has a selection of virtual wind indicators to choose from as well as a weather indicator screen. Available in two different sizes, the displays are fully compatible with Vaisala WMT700 Ultrasonic Wind Sensors and WXT530 series Weather Transmitters.
Vaisala Shipboard Wind and Weather Display System