On-site Calibration

Vaisala provides On-site calibration services for selected data loggers and instruments used in Continuous monitoring systems. The service is a convenient alternative when the system downtime is not an option. On-site calibrations are always performed by the Vaisala experts and complemented with an official certificate and documentation package. 

    Vaisala On-site calibration includes:

    • Visual device inspection
    • Calibration according to your choice using verified equipment 
    • Calibration due date update
    • Calibration certificate
    • Service report
    • viewLinc software check

    Key benefits

    No system downtime or data losses

    Calibration is performed on customers’ site by a Vaisala expert without need to stop the production or monitoring process during the service. On-site calibration is a convenient and cost-effective calibration method as your business won’t stop and your own personnel can concentrate on their core duties. Simply invite a Vaisala expert to your site and let us take care of the rest.

    Peace of mind by comprehensive service

    The service includes everything that is needed to verify the accuracy of data loggers and the monitoring system. Official calibration certificates and service reports proof the system performance for internal and external auditing needs. The comprehensive documentation package also helps customer to follow the system performance and observe any upcoming preventive maintenance needs on time.

    Performed by Experts

    Vaisala's On-site calibration experts are trained to work in regulatory environments and with strictest requirements. When using our On-site service you can count on all procedures and documentation being done in compliance with industry standards.



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