Immediate runway condition data, better decisions, easier compliance

The Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter from Vaisala assesses runway conditions in real-time, delivering information to enhance airport safety and easily achieve compliance with ICAO’s new Global Reporting Format (GRF) framework.

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Vaisala Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter

Designed to assess, synthesize, and report in accordance with ICAO’s new Global Reporting Format (GRF), the Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter harnesses the power of Vaisala’s proprietary MD30 sensor and RoadAI technologies to capture and organize runway condition data in a way that meets FAA and ICAO reporting standards. This state-of-art solution enhances airport operations and safety, while easing the compliance burden placed on airport personnel, by collecting real-time data about runway conditions and synthesizing the information into a standardized, objective report.

Optical measurement technology performs up to 40 surface-state objective measurements per second on the runway
Direct measurement parameters include frost, ice, snow, slush, and water coverage
Vaisala RoadAI technologies provide augmented assessment, recording of data, and support
A GRF-specific runway condition report is inferred by the RoadAI technologies or edited by the inspector
The solution is a powerful, easy-to-use app that can run both on-network or offline during active measurement
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Key Benefits

Reliable data for ICAO and FAA compliance
Beginning November 4, 2021, all ICAO-registered airports are required to comply with the new GRF requirements. The Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter produces a standardized runway report that includes two distinct sections and relies on the ICAO Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM), enabling airport operators to quickly and easily comply.
Enhanced airport safety, capacity, and efficiency
The Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter maximizes safety, improves airport capacity, and promotes efficient operations by minimizing the amount of time it takes to assess the runway — even in the harshest conditions.
Fast, objective assessment and reporting
The Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter automatically detects runway thirds, allowing runway inspectors to focus on other relevant variables. It provides the same level of objectivity regardless of the operator and produces the report as soon as the inspector concludes an assessment.

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