AviMet® ICAO Compliant Runway Visual Range System (RVR)

A fully automated RVR assessment and reporting system for airports that uses Vaisala instrumentation specifically designed for aviation purposes. It is designed for high data availability, low maintenance and for providing accurate information in demanding visibility conditions to maximize airport safety and availability. The AviMet® RVR System conforms to ICAO requirements and follows practices recommended by ICAO.


Vaisala AviMet® RVR measures meteorological optical range, background luminance and runway light setting and calculates runway visual range according to ICAO Annex 3.

the RVR values and alarms can be shown on the ATC displays and distributed to PC's, chart recorders and other digital displays. The reporting format of the RVR values is ICAO compliant and the values can be used in METAR and MET REPORTs.

Vaisala AviMet® RVR is designed to interface with various output communication formats and to meet various communication standards and conventions. Furthermore, the data outputs are transmitted accurately via various communication media.


Fully automated RVR assessment and reporting
Stand-alone system or an integral part of AWOS
Compatible with CATI, CATII or III airports
Flexible and scalable to meet any airports' configuration needs
ICAO compliant reporting format
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Vaisala AviMet® Runway Visual Range System comprises a visibility sensor, a background luminance meter and a computer that calculates the RVR values. The visibility sensor is offered in two forms: transmissometer or forward scatter meter. The RVR computer collects the visibility data the background luminance data and runway light setting data. Based on this data, it calculates the RVR values. RVR messages and alarms are distributed to output devices.

Key Benefits

Measurement accuracy and reliability
Vaisala AviMet® RVR system is designed to operate and provide best accuracy when it really matters; in any weather and in critical low visibilities. This is achieved via intelligent design of the Vaisala field instruments as well as by the used advanced RVR calculation algorithm.
Low lifetime cost through advanced features
Ease of installation, operation and maintenance has been in core focus when developing the Vaisala RVR system. Thus it contains many advanced features especially for designed for lowering maintenance needs and lifetime cost of the system.
Fully configurable to cover airport needs of all ICAO categories from CAT I to CAT III
Being fully configurable the Vaisala AviMet® RVR system can be adapted the needs of the airport using the same core components as Vaisala AviMet® AWOS system


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