Make your measurements count

Adding potential for smarter industries


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Make your measurements count

Decisions are only as good as the data

All scientific innovations are based on accurate measurements: to find solutions for our most pressing environmental and societal global challenges, we need verifiable data. Reliable measurements enable Vaisala’s customers make informed decisions and have a positive impact on society by assessing weather and environmental phenomena and by developing more sustainable and efficient industrial processes. 

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Keep your skills updated the smart way

As industrial development is accelerating, it is time to be smart ahead of time and find new opportunities together. Sign up for our Smart Measurement Learning program for ideas and knowledge about industrial measurements and control! You will receive interesting tips and insights from our measurement experts.


Get ready for Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0, is already evolving. It will not be something radically new, but a logical continuum after building the most critical capabilities for smart factories, buildings and processes. Our eGuide will give you an overview on what to expect from Industry 5.0 for understanding the key benefits of the next industrial revolution.

Drying Simulator

Finding the optimal conditions and being able to keep them stable is the key to lower cost and energy efficient manufacturing. Try out our interactive drying simulator to understand the way exact humidity measurements can lead to more efficient energy use and higher yields.