Triton Wind Profiler - Remote sensing for wind energy

Accurate, bankable wind data for wind resource assessment and wind energy operations


Triton SoDAR commercialized


Hours of wind data collected by Tritons


Deployments in 45+ countries


Fleet-wide, median up-time

New info about Triton in complex terrain

Validation Studies

Triton is the most validated remote sensing system in the wind energy industry. In addition, a first-of-its-kind worldwide study analyzed dozens of collocated Triton - met tower deployments and concluded:

Triton is as accurate as a met tower — not just in one carefully controlled test experiment, but over years of commercial field use, representing tens of thousands of data hours.

Most recently, a 2018 study demonstrates the accuracy of Triton measurements in complex terrain and presents a way to reduce flow-induced bias.

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The Coldest Places on Earth

Picture of wind turbine with focus on the hub

IEC Guidelines for Power Curve Testing

The IEC's new edition of its standard for wind turbine power performance testing includes guidance for using remote sensing systems such as SoDAR and LiDAR. 

Now, wind farm operators have a way to conduct power curve testing more easily, and wind farm developers have better guidance about how to determine the accuracy of remote sensors. Or do they?

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn what the revised standard means for remote sensing users.

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