In-line Brix measurement during sugar syrup cooking

Sugar confections are products rich in sugar and carbohydrates. Sugar  confections  include  candies,  chocolate  fillings,  chewing  gum,  marshmallows, other desserts (e.g. dulce de leche) and other sweet items which are made mainly from sugar. 

Brix measurement in syrup cooking control  

Sugar confections and chocolate fillings are produced by mixing and diluting the ingredients, and then concentrating the sugar content to the desired level by cooking and evaporating water. The final Brix of the solution determines the flavor, consistency and overall quality of the final product. 
Download the application note to learn the details on how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Process Refractometer measures continuously the Brix level of the cooking solution. This provides real-time information to  

  • follow cooking progress and determine the end-point  
  • ensure a consistent product quality 

The refractometer is an ideal measurement instrument for installations in vessels with scrapers and mixers and can also be installed through steam jackets. Moreover, the measurement of refractometer is continuous and unaffected by suspended particles or bubbles.  
The benefits of Vaisala’s refractometer measurement are: 

  • eliminates the need for sampling 
  • reduces processing time.  
  • prevents disrupting the process  
  • saves valuable processing time 

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