In-line dry solids measurement in rice pudding preparation

Ready-made dairy desserts are a popular food product. Rice pudding is one of them. In order to produce high quality rice pudding that has excellent taste, it is important to ensure homogeneity and consistency of pudding slurry. This can be done using continuous in-line quality control. 

Real-time control of rice cooking to ensure correct pudding slurry concentration  

Rice pudding is prepared by blending pre-cooked rice with sugar syrup, water or milk, and other ingredients, such as cinnamon and raisins.  

First, the rice mass needs to be coated with sugar syrup. It is prepared by dry blending  sugar,  salt,  flavors  and colors,  and  then  adding  some  water. The mixture is then heated to dissolve the water soluble ingredients, and cooled down to let the mass solidify.  

Next, the evenly sugar coated rice mass proceeds to coating with starch slurry. This happens by blending and mixing the pre-cooked rice until it is dry and there no clumps. 

The mixed mass is then cooked in a continuous cooker to achieve integrity of the grains. After this, the product goes to pasteurization stage. Finally, the rice pudding can be cooled and packed into small packages. 

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer installed in the pipe after the cooking stage, measures the total dissolved solids of the liquid phase before the pudding slurry moves on to further treatment. 

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