Service Center Repair

Vaisala Service Center Repair

Service Center Repair

Our professional repair services help extend the life of your Vaisala equipment. Repairs include fault tracing and replacement of failed components, as well as final testing or standard calibration to ensure your equipment is functioning according to specifications.

Key Benefits

Better value for your investment
Investing in the high-quality instrument is a great decision. Vaisala repair service will ensure that you can benefit the value of the equipment for a long period. Also if something unexpected happens.
Measurement accuracy guaranteed
Vaisala repair service includes always final testing and instrument calibration. This ensures best measurement accuracy for your instrument and functionality according to specification.
Latest knowledge and original spare parts
Using manufacturer for the equipment repairs provides you the fastest response time. Optimized spare part availability and trained service technicians in Vaisala service centers ensure that your equipment will be returned fast with full functionality and latest updates.
Fixed price policy
Vaisala fixed price repair service includes used parts, service labour and testing of the instrument in one fixed price. You know already in advance the cost of the service. This ensures easy planning and fast services.