Vaisala K-PATENTS® SeedMaster SM-3

Vaisala K-PATENTS® SeedMaster SM-3 is a unique third generation crystallization transmitter and seeding device to be used with the Vaisala K-PATENTS® Process Refractometer. The SM-3 allows for accurate in-line and real-time monitoring of supersaturation and crystal content over the complete process of crystallization, and implementation and control of automatic or manual seeding. The SM-3 can be connected to one or two Vaisala K-PATENTS® Process Refractometer sensors and to one or two crystallizers.

Supersaturation is the driving force of crystallization. Crystal growth (speed of crystallization) depends on this parameter. High supersaturation means faster crystal growth and vice-versa. Also excessive supersaturation results in poor crystal quality and formation of fines and conglomerates. These need to be melted, concentrated, recycled and crystallized again. The SeedMaster SM-3 calculates supersaturation on-line taking into account all parameters of the supersaturation function.

The measured and calculated data, parameters and digital (ON/OFF) data can be transmitted both ways between the SeedMaster SM-3 and a computer or control system. The communication is based on the MODBUS/TCP/IP client/server communication protocol between the devices on the Ethernet TCP/IP network. The SeedMaster SM-3 plays as server, takes requests and data from peripheral devices (e.g. the other measuring devices, i.e. clients) and processes the information and sends its output to the control system using the MODBUS.

The SM-3 can also be equipped with an optional SM-3 l/O unit that handles analog standard current inputs and outputs and ON/OFF digital inputs and outputs in case the process l/O data are not handled by the control system. The data transmission between the SM-3 and SM-3 l/O unit is based on digital communication.

Electronic data capture on massecuite parameters.
On-line calculation and transmission of massecuite parameters for the advanced control of sugar crystallization with control system.
Organization and storage of strike history data archive.
Advanced communication with the control system.
Automatic seeding of the vacuum pans.
Serves as user interface for the pan and control system operators.
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Key Benefits

Unique, specially designed product for sugar crystallization
Enabler of control strategies, on-line calculation, display, and transmission of up to nine (9) massecuite parameters during sugar crystallization for up to two vacuum pans simultaneously.
Completely digital device
Connectivity to plant's DCS and PLCs, electronic data capture of measured and calculated data for the last 100 strikes and display of strikes’ history trends.
Accurate and reliable
Robust instrument design where the measurement is not affected by crystal content, vapor or gas, bubbles or color, and the measurement accuracy is ±0.0002 RI (which corresponds to ± 0.1% by weight).

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