Vaisala launches its industry leading automatic weather station to empower communities across the world to keep citizens safe and secure

Vaisala Automatic Weather Station AWS810
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October 4, 2021

Vaisala launches its industry leading automatic weather station to empower communities across the world to keep citizens safe and secure

Vaisala’s Automatic Weather Station AWS810 is a comprehensive measurement, communication, and data monitoring solution that makes modern observation networks easy to create, manage, and maintain over a long lifespan.

Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement, today announced the launch of Automatic Weather Station AWS810, setting a new standard in powering modern, highly efficient, and secure surface weather networks. It is a generational leap in the industry, enabling first-class surface weather observations, future readiness, plus a modern, secure, and integrated network architecture.

“While the World Meteorological Organization indicates community safety and well-being depend on global, 24/7 weather observations, they also highlight there are large geographical gaps in availability, and many observations are either not made at all or not adequately shared,” said Jarkko Sairanen, Executive Vice President, Weather and Environment, Vaisala. “For efficiently operating even large surface observation networks covering vast geographical areas, our Automatic Weather Station AWS810 is yet another reason customers around the world continue to turn to Vaisala as the trusted partner to bring us all a step closer to safer, more secure communities.”

Vaisala AWS810 provides unique capabilities such as:

  • Excellent expandability and flexibility, with an ability to integrate more analog and digital sensors than anyone in the industry. AWS810 also provides a multitude of configuration and connectivity options, plus it can be integrated to virtually any current and future communication technologies.
  • Robust design that has been tested against IEC safety and environmental standards to ensure durability, safety, and performance in the harshest of conditions.
  • Best-in-class security, delivering superior data security mechanisms built into AWS810 hardware and software; protecting against security threats and unauthorized access.
  • Ease of remote maintenance, allowing efficient management and maintenance of networks ranging from a few to hundreds of weather stations, thus providing outstanding lifetime value.

Delivering uncompromised data accuracy, availability, reliability, and security, AWS810 enables real-time synoptic observation and monitoring of weather-critical events as well as continuous, traceable climatological data for a variety of agency, government, and research purposes.

For more information about how AWS810 accurately assesses key weather parameters to enable short- and long-term forecasting and monitoring of developing severe weather conditions, visit

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