Vaisala Expands its Product Offering for Environmental Chambers with New HMM170 Module

Humidity and Temperature Module HMM170
Mar 5, 2019
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Press Release
March 5, 2019


Vaisala Expands its Product Offering for Environmental Chambers with New HMM170 Module

Vaisala launched today a new humidity and temperature module HMM170, a new high-quality product for climate and environmental chamber customers. It is optimized specifically for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to bring reliable humidity measurement in very demanding environments with easy integration and compact size.

Demanding environmental product testing requires high performance from the test measurement equipment. The new Vaisala HMM170 Humidity and Temperature Module is optimized for OEM integration and targeted to environmental chamber customers, which are climate chambers used for simulating different environmental conditions, stability chambers for packing and preservation testing of medicines, or incubators for growing cells and bacteria, for example.

“Vaisala is a world leading humidity measurement manufacturer. We wanted to expand our product offering in this very challenging measuring environment. With the HMM170, we can deliver the best humidity measurement performance and high reliability to the end-users. The qualities of the new module are also appreciated by our OEM customers, as the performance and quality supports their offering,“ said Product Manager Juhani Lehto from Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements.

The HMM170 is based on the latest Vaisala HUMICAP® capacitive polymer sensor technology. The new HUMICAP® R2 sensor has excellent corrosion resistance and long-term stability. The HMM170 offers ±1% RH measurement accuracy and is suitable for very harsh and high-humidity environments with elevated temperatures, and for vacuum and pressurized conditions. The module features heated sensor and Vaisala’s patented warmed probe technology, which enables accurate measurements also in highly condensing environments. Additionally, the sensor’s chemical purge functionality keeps it clean against chemical fumes.

Deliveries of Vaisala HMM170 Humidity and Temperature Module will start in late April.

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