More than meets the eye: Evolving surface weather observations


Changing climate. Severe weather. Rapid urbanization.

The need for pinpoint weather accuracy has never been greater to help save what matters. How is surface weather observation technology evolving to meet the challenges of today and in the near future?

Join us for this engaging webinar. Learn about:

•    current megatrends and how they are impacting the need for automated, reliable observations
•    the future of surface weather observations: Advanced observations, edge, and cloud computing
•    cybersecurity in surface weather observation networks

Who should attend:
Meteorology organizations, weather forecasting agencies, and anyone else interested in the development of surface weather observations.

If you can’t attend the live webinar, register anyway and we will send you a link to the recording.


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Timo Siirtola, Vaisala

Timo Siirtola

Offering Manager, Surface Weather at Vaisala

Timo Siirtola is an Offering Manager at Vaisala leading Automatic Weather Station Product Area.
He has 20+ years of versatile experience and knowledge about sensors, systems, and software.
Siirtola has a Master of Science degree in Semiconductor Technology from Aalto University.