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Minimize methane slip & avoid profit loss. A biomethane webinar by Sarlin & Vaisala.

When it comes to upgrading biogas to biomethane, the last thing you want is an inefficient process. Join us on 24 February to discover new ways to minimize offgas methane and guide your upgrading process for greater efficiency. So you can get the green gains — and all the gains.

Gain perspective on the whole industry and its megatrends, why measuring offgas methane and tackling methane slip is so vital to profitability and breakthrough methane measurement technologies from our hosts, Juha-Matti Herpiö of Sarlin and Antti Heikkilä & Jutta Hakkarainen of Vaisala.

We will also take a detailed look at how the just-announced Vaisala MGP262 will help your upgrading unit be both greener and more profitable.

5 points of interest:

•    Why measuring offgas methane is vitally important
•    The future of biogas upgrading
•    Biomethane: an industry view and megatrends 
•    Vaisala MGP262 - a unique solution
      to offgas methane measurement
•    Real-life examples

We look forward to seeing you! 

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Juha-Matti Herpiö, Product Manager, Gas and Energy, Sarlin

Juha-Matti Herpiö

Juha-Matti Herpiö
Product Manager, Gas and Energy, Sarlin

Juha-Matti’s specialty is operation and maintenance management. With over ten years of experience in biogas and other energy gases, he’s deeply involved in creating better biogas services at Sarlin. He holds a M.Sc. in Technology and is passionate about solving customers' energy and biogas business challenges.

Jutta Hakkarainen, Director, Strategy and Business Development Vaisala

Jutta Hakkarainen

Jutta Hakkarainen
Director, Strategy and Business Development

Jutta heads the Strategy and Business Development team at Vaisala's Industrial Measurements Business Area. With a dozen years at Vaisala, she is responsible for identifying strategic trends and discovering customers’ needs for high quality measurements. Energized by the cooperation with biogas experts, the forerunners sensing a sustainable future, Jutta is passionate about renewable energy and realizing its immense potential.

Antti Heikkilä

Antti Heikkilä
Product Manager

Antti’s focus is on multigas infrared instruments and developing products for wholly new market areas. With over 15 years of experience in process and emission monitoring instruments and infrared gas analysis, Antti holds a M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry. He is an active member of multiple international standardization workgroups (both ISO and CEN) on air quality and greenhouse gas measurements.