Optimize Brown Stock Washing with Advanced Inline Process Control

Liquid Measurements
11:00 AM EST

Find out how monitoring TDS in black liquor streams can reduce raw material use and maximize renewable energy. 

Advanced digital inline Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measurement technology with advanced process control systems can be used to improve Brown Stock Washing (BSW) process efficiency. Reduction in energy, raw materials, chemicals and water consumption as well as renewable energy use efficiency is playing an important role in pulp mill initiatives. 

BSW efficiency improvement and evaporation of weak black liquor solids increase yields immediate savings for the mill. Remarkable savings in bleaching chemicals and wastewater treatment can be achieved together with pulp quality and brightness increase. Better washing solids control can even remove some bottlenecks in process and improve bleaching and recovery efficiency.

Register today at TAPPI to hear from Vaisala Business Development Manager, Keijo Pyörälä, and Andritz Global APC Owner, Rick Van Fleet, to find out how Vaisala K-Patents digital inline TDS measurement technology has also been successfully used in many other applications in heavy, strong, feed and weak black liquor feed to evaporators, concentrators and recovery boiler firing as well as in dissolving tank green liquor and causticizing control optimization. Attendees can expect to conclude the webinar with:


  • An understanding of the value of measuring and optimizing for Total Dissolved Solids during Brown Stock Washing.
  • The opportunity to reduce usage of raw materials, chemicals and water while increasing renewable energy efficiency.
  • The ability to recognize the need to ensure black liquor TDS is within a particular range to ensure safety and overall mill productivity.  

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