Go beyond the clouds with new ceilometer technology for aviation safety and efficiency

Passenger jet wide body plane in the dark night sky. Airplane flying high above the night Earth.
Weather & Environment

Ice. Dust. Volcanic ash. 

Airports need more detailed and accurate information than ever on atmospheric conditions to help ensure flight safety. With the new Vaisala CL61 Ceilometer, you can detect much more than cloud height, amount and vertical visibility. 

The CL61 Ceilometer goes beyond the clouds to detect other important phenomena that can impact aviation safety and efficiency such as icing layers aloft, dust and volcanic ash as well as nowcasting the onset of snowfall — in any weather, 24/7. 

Join us at our next webinar to learn more about:

  •     Why ceilometers are important for aviation safety
  •     Aviation-specific use cases including volcanic ash detection and supercooled cloud layer detection


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