APWA Western Snow & Ice

Winter road maintenance
Embassy Suites, Loveland
CO. USA, United States

Get ready for the 2022 Western Snow and Ice Conference & National Snow Roadeo! The 42nd Annual Conference will be held September 28th through 30th at the Embassy Suites in the beautiful city of Loveland, Colorado. This conference and snow roadeo serve as a catalyst for growth and opportunity for all attendees, and underscore the conference mission of advancing the development of Operators, Supervisors, and Managers involved in snow operations. The theme of this year’s conference is “Ready, Set, Snow: Focus on the Future.” The theme means: “Ready - Get into the right position”; “Set – Prepared for snow removal”; “Snow – Go time”; “Focus on the Future – with the latest innovations, technologies, and processes.


Booth: 60 & 61


40.440520113535, -104.99058355

Safer, More Efficient Winter Road Management

Make safe, data-driven decisions and manage resources more effectively with fast, accurate weather and surface condition observations during snow and ice events.

Vaisala Ground Cast Sensor

Vaisala GroundCast Road Sensor

Winter road maintenance professionals need to monitor road conditions and predict surface freezing risk across the road network to make proactive treatment decisions. Whether you are just getting started or looking to cover some of the blind spots in your current observation network, the Vaisala GroundCast provides the road weather measurements that matter the most.