Vaisala Honorary In-kind Donator for New Children’s Hospital

Children´s hospital in Helsinki, Finland - Vaisala
Published: Jun 1, 2017
Life Science

Vaisala will be contributing humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide measurement instruments to the new children’s hospital to be constructed in Helsinki, Finland in 2017. The equipment is valued at an estimated 225,000 euro and will be integrated into the hospital’s building automation solution.

“This project is a very valuable one for Finnish wellbeing, as well as for the future. We at Vaisala are delighted and proud to join in the effort to help build the world’s best children’s hospital. In a hospital environment, good indoor air quality is an obvious and fundamental requirement for both patients and staff, helping to ensure high quality care and a safe working environment,” says Vaisala President and CEO Kjell Forsén.

Vaisala’s measurement equipment will provide data to control the central heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system in the building. These instruments will gather data on temperature, carbon dioxide, and relative humidity. The information will be used to adjust ventilation intensity to meet actual ambient conditions and requirements, which changes based on the number of people in a particular area. This also helps to ensure that indoor air quality is optimized, further improving the overall energy efficiency of the building.

World’s Best Children’s Hospital

The new children’s hospital has created a lot of publicity from the start due to the lack of public financing. The project is co-funded by public and private parties, both companies and private citizens alike. The hospital is scheduled to open in 2017 and is expected to cost 160 million euros. The new hospital will treat seriously ill children from across Finland.
Many Finnish companies have donated either money or products for the hospital. Vaisala is an honorary in-kind donator and will make the actual donation at a later stage agreed together with the contractor and when the construction is at the stage when Vaisala can step in.

“The new children’s hospital is being designed and constructed in accordance with a dozen select and measurable criteria. In addition to medical processes, the child’s and family’s experience in the hospital are at the core of this project. Other important factors include the hospital as a work environment, its reliability, safety, and energy efficiency. Vaisala’s contribution brings the industry-leading, state-of-the-art technology to the children’s hospital, which will help us reach our target, to build the world’s best children’s hospital,” commends Chairman of the Board of the New Children’s Hospital 2017 Foundation, Anne Berner.


The agreement was signed by Anne Berner, the Chairman of the New Children's Hospital Foundation and Kjell Forsén, President and CEO of Vaisala.


New Children´s Hospital

The new children’s hospital constructed in Helsinki, Finland in 2017