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Polina Kuzina, Communications Manager
Polina Kuzina
Communications Manager
Published: Dec 22, 2022
Innovations and Inspirations
Working at Vaisala

As a newcomer to Vaisala I was amazed by the handprint my new employer had on the environment. Vaisala is one of those companies whose activity brings value for the entire planet. Its products help to predict the behavior of global disasters and save lives. They also help companies to make informed decisions and save energy, water, and financial resources. Now Vaisala is also developing its data and software solutions to bring even deeper insights into different industries.

A month ago, I joined Vaisala as communications manager. I noticed Vaisala’s job ad in LinkedIn and was intrigued as one of the tasks would be to explore artificial intelligence tools. It is unusual for communications positions to use AI, so the role caught my eye. I checked the company’s website and social media channels and had a positive impression about Vaisala. I always wanted to join a company that had innovative technologies and was adding value to the world.

When I got the job offer, I felt thrilled as it was one of the most exciting roles I had applied for. Also, though I had interviews in six other companies, I knew that it’s not always easy for a foreigner to get employed in Finland. More than once I reached the final recruitment stage only to get notified that they chose someone else. Originally, I come from Ukraine, and now I’ve been living in Finland for 7 years.

Diversity in action

In addition to innovative technology, I like the multinational aspect of Vaisala. Diversity is a great value in Vaisala’s culture. It’s visible in recruitment, induction, and everyday work. It’s amazing when people of different backgrounds can work together and combine their unique perspectives. 

I’ve already met people from different countries in the head office. Also, I started to interact with colleagues from other countries. Time difference can pose a challenge, but you learn soon that it’s easier to reach a Japanese colleague early in the morning, and an American colleague late in the evening.

Our communications team is skilled and diverse. We have people of different age, gender, and nationalities. Some of my team members are new in Vaisala, and some have been working here for years. In fact, I’m surprised at how many people stay in Vaisala for ten, twenty or thirty years. We have recently had 130 employees awarded for their years of service. And two of them have worked over 40 years!

Inspired by the world around me

During my first weeks I visited Vaisala’s three factories in Vantaa campus, where we produce sensors, instruments, and weather equipment. It was exciting to see the ‘smart factory’ features, such as prompts to the operators which detail, they should pick next. We even have Aurora robot to support the manufacturing. At one point, we were invited outside to watch how our engineer let the balloon with a radiosonde up in the air to get daily data about the weather. Did you know that Vaisala’s radiosondes are sent to atmosphere in sync twice a day, globally, and our daily weather forecasts are based on those observations? 

What’s even cooler is that Vaisala’s sensors are used on planet Mars. For over ten years, they’ve been measuring pressure and humidity in the harsh Mars environment – and still going strong! I didn’t imagine that sensors could last that long on Mars’s surface, especially without any repairs.  

My first month has brought me a lot of insights and opportunities to meet new people. My new Vaisala colleagues are from different backgrounds, speak various languages and expertise in various topics. They are welcoming and willing to help even when it’s something outside their work scope. All of this helps me feel like if I’ve already been in the company for a long time.

About Women in Tech Finland

Women in Tech Finland aims to encourage women and promote the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology.   

About Vaisala

At Vaisala, we rely on our courage, curiosity, and world-class expertise to stay ahead, and make a difference. Committed to being a great place to grow for brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds, we work together to build an inclusive community where everyone is welcomed as they are. Our trust-based culture is the home for purpose-driven people who are inspired by our shared values, innovations, and impact for a better and sustainable world.


Name: Polina Kuzina
Role: Communications Manager
Joined Vaisala: November 2022
I’m a woman in technology, just passed my first month with Vaisala. Before Vaisala I had worked for a Finnish energy company among hundreds of engineers. In my earlier career, I had various marketing and communications roles in a bank, a car trading, and a steel trading company in Ukraine.


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