Technology is not about gender

President and CEO Kai Öistämö
Kai Öistämö
President and CEO
Published: Mar 8, 2022

At Vaisala, we make the world’s most accurate and reliable measurement solutions with cutting-edge technology. To keep building science-based innovations with impact and helping to solve our world’s sustainability challenges, we need everyone onboard.

We know from research that diverse people and teams with diverse backgrounds are more innovative, perform better and that those teams also feel well. Diverse people, regardless of their gender, view the world differently and thus they also notice risks and opportunities more comprehensively. All these things are integral for any company.

Vaisala is an equal and professional workplace, as indicated by our annual employee survey in 2021 (read more in our annual report 2021). We have a lot of smart and talented women working at Vaisala, all our people are engaged, and we have no pay gap between genders. However, we have also a lot to develop, and it is important that we keep evolving to make sure that all genders and all forms of diversity are valued and respected. That is what we are increasing more and more on our agenda.

At Vaisala, we hope to see a technology field with no discrimination: where everyone has equal opportunities and can be themselves in their work community. Talent has nothing to do with gender, and we need to make sure that everyone, including all genders, have equal opportunities and we do not act based on assumptions and bias. Science-based innovations and technology with a true impact need everyone. At Vaisala, everyone is welcome to come as they are.

Our solutions make the world a better place, helping to solve climate change and other sustainability challenges of our time. It is likewise our responsibility to help build an equal work life by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. These matters are not only beneficial for business, but they are, more importantly, integral for human rights and valuable in themselves.

With these words, we at Vaisala wish happy International Women’s Day for all women in technology and all over the world!

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