Vaisala provides Estonian Transport Administration with critical road weather technology

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Vaisala has signed a four-year frame agreement with the Estonian Transport Administration (Transpordiamet) for road weather stations throughout Estonia. The deliveries are scheduled for 2021 - 2025. 

In addition to the road weather stations, the agreement includes atmospheric weather sensors and road condition sensors for the detection of snow, ice, humidity, and temperature on the road surface, as well as Observation Network Manager NM10 for remote monitoring of the network and management of road weather stations and sensors.

Vaisala Road Weather Station RWS200 provides a complete road weather solution to improve winter maintenance, but also future forms of mobility in traffic management such as autonomous driving. RWS200 comprises of high-quality components that have been specifically designed for and tested in the harshest conditions.

Atmospheric weather sensors enhance the performance of the algorithms when determining the road surface conditions. They also provide critical additional information about the overall driving conditions. This kind of information can be, for example, an alert of heavy rain or fog to the drivers.

Accurate and reliable measurement data for improved road safety

Road weather technology is critical for winter and summer road maintenance as well as the automotive industry since effective operations can all be affected by weather. Regardless of the application, accurate data regarding road surface and weather conditions, from snow and ice to wind, or flooding, empowers ground transportation decision making with crucial information.

Road weather technology provides a significant return on investment through operational savings in road maintenance and optimized Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) activities, which increase safety and improve mobility of travelers. Vaisala consistently introduces new road sensors, weather systems, and digital solutions to provide reliable and accurate of decision in the road weather market.

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