Diversity and inclusion boost innovation

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President and CEO Kai Öistämö
Kai Öistämö
President and CEO
Published: Jun 28, 2021

In June, many people and organizations all over the world have celebrated Pride month, and Pride week is currently taking place in Finland. Vaisala wishes happy Pride celebration for all. Diversity, equality, and inclusion are integral for Vaisala and our innovative work as well as the technology industry overall. We are committed to both building a better world through our products as well as through the ways we do business and respecting others.

Diverse employees have proved to be a source of growth, innovation, and financial performance for companies. Different ways of thinking are the key to developing leading products, keeping up with competition, and finding new ways of innovating our science-based solutions. When we hire and hear different – and even differing – perspectives, we learn new points of view. Innovation occurs when different and often conflicting ideas, experiences and challenges intersect.

Equality and diversity in technology is a must. Only by ensuring that we hear diverse ideas and thoughts can we boost innovation, identify new markets, and build products and solutions that are a part of making our planet a better place. Diversity also drives customer focus: diverse teams are more likely to understand customer needs as well as recognize opportunities and threats even better. Different perspectives widen horizons and jolt us away from homogenous thinking.

To harness these benefits, we still have work to do in this respect, and diversity will become part of our agenda more and more. Building an equal work life by promoting diversity and inclusion is high on our company – and my own – agenda. The world is full of amazing and intelligent talent and at Vaisala, we have for long been saying that everyone is welcome as they are, as long as they are curious and passionate to find solutions for tackling the greatest climate and sustainability challenges of our time. 

Kai Öistämö
President and CEO 


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