Vaisala Launches New Weather Radar Software

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Published: Oct 14, 2015
Weather & Environment

IRIS Focus is the next generation weather radar software designed for the professional meteorologist to aid in more accurate precipitation estimation and classification, and earlier weather watches and warnings.


During development Vaisala worked with customers to understand how they used the software in daily forecasting and incorporated their feedback to streamline functionality. IRIS Focus reduces complexities and delivers a user-friendly experience to reduce training time.

"With the job of the meteorologist in mind, Vaisa la focused intently on designing IRIS Focus so that it was easy for our customers to use," said Jason Selzler, Vaisala product manager. "We feel that IRIS Focus allows our customers to dig into the details of their data easily. We provide them with the analysis tools they need for better understanding and awareness of storms, allowing them to issue earlier and more accurate watches and warnings."

Weather radar data is a critical component to weather forecasts that gives meteorologists the situational awareness they need to understand the full scale of storms. Through the use of IRIS Focus's multi-panel display, storm tracking and cross-section tools, meteorologists can analyze storm growth, structure and movement.

Vaisala has been a pioneer in developing dual polarization C-band weather radar technology and the algorithms that produce higher quality and more reliable data. Vaisala entered the weather radar business in 2006. Through its acquisition of Sigmet and the development of its own technology, Vaisala has quickly become the leading provider of C-band weather radars. Vaisala's technology can be found in most weather radars throughout the world.

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