Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter

The ICAO’s new GRF requirements and the FAA’s TALPA initiative enhance safety and add new compliance responsibilities for airport operators. Vaisala Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter provides immediate, reliable reporting on runway conditions and improves efficiency for airport operations. 


Built on the proprietary Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30 and RoadAI technologies, the Vaisala Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter provides efficient, ICAO-compliant GRF-format runway condition reporting under all conditions. The outputs from MD30 sensor are better aligned with GRF reporting standards than those provided by friction measurement devices. The RoadAI technology processes the MD30 sensor data and converts it into the ICAO GRF-format. The inspector can verify and edit the message before it is sent onwards from the RoadAI application to decision-makers. 

A powerful, easy-to-use app that can be used on-network or offline during active measurement
Trusted, rugged optical measurement technology that performs up to 40 surface-state measurements per second
A wide range of direct measurement parameters, including frost, ice, snow, slush, and water coverage
Further GRF-specific runway condition reports inferred by the RoadAI technologies or edited by the inspector
Vaisala RoadAI technologies that use video recording to provide augmented assessment, recording of data, and support
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Key Benefits

Affordable, reliable ICAO and FAA TALPA compliance
Vaisala Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter provides the reliable data needed to comply with regulations, improved safety and operational efficiencies — without letting airport operations suffer.
Improved airport capacity and efficiency
The solution minimizes the amount of time inspectors must spend on runways, improving airport capacity and helping to maintain normal operations.
Faster, more objective assessment and reporting
Different inspectors can assess and report on runway conditions consistently. Inspectors are also able to concentrate on other condition factors, such as foreign object damage risks, accelerating the normal GRF workflow.


The first road state sensor designed for snow plows made by Vaisala

Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30

The first road surface state sensor designed specifically for snow plows
MD30 monitors road conditions and transmits weather data — surface surface state, grip, relative humidity, dew point and road and air temperature —...

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