Sep 02 2020
5 p.m. EEST

More than meets the eye: Evolving surface weather observation

Changing climate. Severe weather. Rapid urbanization. The need for pinpoint weather accuracy has never been greater to help save what matters. How is surface weather observation technology evolving to meet the challenges of today and the near future?
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Sep 03 2020
12 PM Mexico City, MX

Entendiendo la incertidumbre en el monitoreo de gases disueltos

EL AGD (Análisis de Gases Disueltos) es la única forma de detectar una serie de fallas en el transformador, ya que la evaluación constante del mismo puede evitar fallas y grandes pérdidas económicas. Si usted está involucrado en el este proceso, no se pierda este webinar.
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Sep 08 2020
11 a.m. EEST (GMT+2)

The road ahead: Driving improvement in winter maintenance

When it’s your job to keep the road safe, you need more than a weather forecast: You need to identify the optimum treatment action to minimize weather impact. However, it can take years of experience to interpret a forecast, combine it with road sensor data, and act at the right time.
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